@OwningMyTruth: People love to romanticize “compromise”, but how is it a compromise when you’re the one having to sacrifice your humanity in exchange?

There is no “compromising” on issues of racism, sexism, ableism, transphobia, classism and other issues which degrade basic human dignity.

"Historical context is important, so it’s critical to note that, similar to “homosexuality” and “lesbianism,” “bisexuality” is a word reclaimed by the bisexual movement from the medical institution (specifically the DSM III which pronounced it a mental disease). The bi community itself had little to no influence over the formation and structure of the word, and simply did what gays and lesbians did: empowered their communities by claiming the word for themselves."

"Way Beyond the Binary" at the Bisexual Resource Center

This is a really important fact about the history of the term “bisexual” that people are seriously overlooking.

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